Gluten-Free Kitchen Fun provides creative ideas to make eating gluten and dairy-free easier. Whether you are concerned with gluten or dairy sensitivities or just your general health, GFKF was designed for you.

When our family had health issues three years ago, the answers weren't so clear. We were told we needed to experiment with different foods to see what worked. All four of us have different concerns, but after watching headaches, stomach aches and restless sleep improve with a change in diet, I knew I needed to work on gluten and dairy-free recipes we would like to eat. When one family member has allergies or health concerns, it is much easier to motivate them to change their diet when you have recipes that the whole family enjoys, especially when children are involved.

Many foods are naturally gluten-free. Our goal was to put more emphasis on natural/whole foods.  We have increased our intake of veggies and decreased our intake of carbohydrate snack foods, desserts and processed food. That in itself is a good thing. While this blog does not exclude desserts and treats, we have taken the opportunity to decrease some of the refined sugars and flours along with fat to make healthier options for you. We are concerned about both nutrition and cost, always looking for ways to save money.

What started as overwhelming became feasible and fun. Many people are surprised how delicious eating gluten-free can be. Even if you don't enjoy baking, it's easy to make your own mixes.

Whether you need to eliminate gluten and dairy from your diet, want to experiment with the diet to see how it makes you feel or just want to reduce gluten and dairy and have a more varied and balanced diet, join us as we explore recipes and topics in the gluten and dairy-free world.