Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What is Ghee?

     Ghee (pronounced with a hard "g"), also known as clarified butter and drawn butter, is unsalted butter that has been boiled, removing the moisture and strained to remove the cooked milk solids. The remaining golden fluid is butter oil. Without the moisture and milk solids, it keeps at room temperature at least one month and can be used to saute at high temperatures. I like to combine it with olive oil when I saute. The two make a great flavor combination.

     Clarified butter is commonly used for cooking in South Asia. It is semi-soft at room temperature and hard with refrigeration. It has a wonderful aroma and intense flavor. Since it is oil, just a little is all you need. My son came home from Cub Scouts one evening after I had made ghee. The kitchen smelled so good his face lit up and he said, "Did you make cookies?"

     French ghee is only partially clarified. Ghee used in Indian cooking is fully clarified. When fully clarified, the casein and lactose have bee removed. However, trace may remain. It is up to you to decide if this food will work for you. We have chosen to use it on a limited basis. I have grown to really enjoy ghee and have learned to bake with it. Ghee can be purchased or made at home.


  1. hi i am wendy from I like your blog thanks for all the info. But I know it's gonna sound duh but is ghee gluten free? I bwing doing research but I just don't get a clear answer.

    1. Hi Wendy. Welcome. Great question. Since ghee is made from butter, I am unaware that it contains gluten. There is some concern on whether or not it is completely casein and lactose-free, although the process of making ghee is supposed to remove casein and lactose from the butter.