Friday, March 16, 2012

Thicker Yogurt

We enjoyed the fruit smoothies so much last week I just had to try to make yogurt again. I wanted to get a thicker yogurt that I could serve in a dish with fruit. Success! What did I do different?

  1. I was careful to sterilize all utensils and items that would touch the cooled coconut milk.
  2. I used one can of regular (full fat) coconut milk and the rest was a milk beverage from a carton to make 5 cups.
  3. I made sure to mix the gelatin, honey and starter in well at the appropriate times.
  4. I used 2 packages of unflavored gelatin instead of one.
  5. I was careful to lower the temperature of the coconut milk to 95 - 100 degrees F before adding the yogurt starter.
  6. I still used the purchased vanilla coconut yogurt as a starter, but I used more - about a 1/4 c for 5 c. of coconut milk. I have not found a yogurt starter at a local store yet.
  7. I make sure that I had a sterilized container to mix a small amount of the coconut milk with the starter before adding it to the rest of the milk.
  8. I still ran the machine for about 10 hours.
It's delicious in shakes or just in a dish with a little cooled berry sauce (also delicious on pancakes) or other sweetener as desired. See below for the recipe.

Triple Berry Sauce

3/4 c. water
3 c. frozen raspberries,
      blueberries and
      blackberries (divided)
4 T. sugar or 3 T. agave
2 T. cornstarch
2 T. water

Mix cornstarch and 2 T. water until well blended and set aside. Bring 3/4 c. water and 1 c. fruit to boiling. Stir in sweetener. Add cornstarch mixture slowly to boiling fruit stirring constantly. Remove thickened sauce from burner and add the rest of the frozen fruit stirring into sauce. Let sauce sit to thaw fruit. Heat on low if a warmer sauce is desired.

For more ideas and instructions for coconut milk yogurt check:

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